Guides to finding IIIF resources

This is a brief guide to finding IIIF Manifest URLs from members of the IIIF community. These guides begin from a record page, so do not include how to search or view an individual record.

Once you have a manifest URL you can use the How to use IIIF Resources and Viewers guide to open it in one of the many IIIF Viewers.

This site is a work in progress and we are working to transfer all of the institution’s from the St Andrews list which was an inspiration for this site:

“Copy this link” is the final step in many of the guides and this involves right-clicking and “copy link address” or similar. Alternatively left click to open the link, then copy the address in the address bar.

Contribution and corrections

If you notice a correction or would like to add to this list please either submit a pull request to the repository or fill in this Google form and the IIIF Staff will add your entry. If you are submitting through GitHub please read the Contributing guide.